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How to Help

Our volunteer-run non-profit depends on contributions from the community and occasional grants to meet our needs. We are not supported by any corporate or government entity. F.R.E.E. is a 501c3 Colorado corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Our primary expense is boarding, feeding and transporting horses, as well as their veterinary care.

We accept both monetary and in-kind donations. To support FREE with a monetary contribution, contact us directly.

You may wish to sponsor one of the horses as a form of support. For more  information, please contact us for details.

For in-kind donations please see our Wish List below, and call 221-0646 if you have something to give.

Wish List

 In-kind                                  Human resources - volunteers needed to:

 Hay and grain                       Join our Board of Directors

 Grooming tools                     **Support our board with expertise/resources

 Halters, lead ropes                   - i.e. Marketing, public relations, other

 Saddles, pads & reins           Transport horses to class once in a while

                          - Your vehicle and either your trailer or borrow ours

                     Be horse handlers & side walkers

         Serve as Class Coordinator once a week for 6 weeks

May this inspiring and purposeful opportunity continue to have a large vision for the future, and continue to bless your lives as it has ours.           

                                                                              Susan & Nick R.     

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Monetary donations also help! Click Here for PayPal. Now you can help just by using Amazon!
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